GAAV East Africa is a regional working group. This community of practice engages local and regional organisations working in East Africa to strengthen practice on armed violence reduction and development, and improve coordination in the region.It is currently working togenerate an improved evidence base and information sharing platform on armed violence in East and Horn of Africa region. This tool will support the work of practitioners across different sectors in the region. 

  • Improve data availability and information sharing on armed violence trends and patterns across the region among CSOs and other stakeholders.
  • Develop a central repository and visually map evidence on armed violence which is widely used by practitioners for conflict analysis and to support conflict-sensitive project planning.
  • Collect evidence and monitor the linkages between armed violence and various socio-economic factors.  
  • Led by the Danish Demining Group (DDG), research and data collection to develop a GIS map of armed violence in East and the Horn of Africa, drawing on existing available armed violence and development data. This includes:
    • Desk research to identify, categorise and collate relevant data on armed violence and armed violence prevention and reduction initiatives in the East Africa/Horn region.
    • Review/analysis of data, development of data structure and data cleaning.
  • Awareness raising and advocacy towards relevant institutions on mutual data sharing and dissemination.
  • AVR practitioners’ capacity building and dialogue workshop: 
    • GAAV EA civil society organisations will be trained on the use of armed violence research and data and introduced to the AV GIS map.
    • The participants will be trained to use the GIS map to analyse a specific area or contexts and reflect on the usefulness of GIS mapping for improving collective conflict analysis and response coordination.
Map Tutorials
To effectively interact with the East Africa maps and different data, we have developed two short tutorials which also include information on the data sets and definitions of the indicators used. 
East Africa Map I: Armed Violence Incidence 

This tool gives an overview of the incidence of armed violence across East Africa, broken down by indicators. It incorporates a map, timeline, pie chart and timeline views, allowing for varied presentation and analysis. The data covers a five year period from 2009-2014. View Map I: Armed Violence Incidence. Please note, there are over 15,000 incidences/data points in this map. Therefore it will take 5-8 minutes to load. In the meantime downlaod Map I Tutorial which includes information on the data sets and definitions of the indicators used. 

East Africa Map II: Population, Poverty & Armed Violence Data 

This map shows incidents measured against population, total small arms ownership by civilians per country, as well as total incidences. Kenya and Sudan also have a data layer on poverty, measuring incidents per 10,000 people living below the poverty line. Map II: Population, Poverty & Armed Violence Data. While the map is loading, read the Map II Tutorial



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