GAAV’s Knowledge Exchange Initiative aims to strengthen national and local capacities through a flexible, member-driven platform. Leveraging members’ policy and programme experience, this model allows practitioners and their associated organisations to become resource providers. On the other end, GAAV members can apply to become recipients of an exchange to develop new skills or knowledge that will help them in their work. GAAV serves as a facilitator of this initiative, connecting AVRP practitioners across countries, and to full stop on country.



01 Sourcing and selecting resource providers
GAAV Members, Associates or Partners are invited to register as resource providers, offering technical or practical skills development, specific policy or programming expertise, or an existing training programme. GAAV has 13 resource providers identified to date.
02 Exchange opportunities are open to GAAV members and exchanges are selected
GAAV Members are invited to apply for an exchange via the resource providers. Applicants will need to demonstrate the potential value of the knowledge gained to their work, community and networks. Up to three cross-country exchanges will be selected in round one. Other online exchanges will also be facilitated.
03 Exchange opportunities are open to GAAV members and exchanges are selected
GAAV serves as the facilitator of the cross-country knowledge exchanges, supporting the matching process and logistics. Where feasible, GAAV will contribute to costs for travel fees, credit card fees and hotel accommodation for either the resource provider or recipient. GAAV will conduct post-exchange evaluations. Reports will be turned into case studies and shared through the Alliance for wider learning.
Criteria for Resource Providers
Resource providers should be demonstrate the following:
  • Existing GAAV Member, Associate or Partner.
  • Experience carrying out interventions that prevent and reduce armed violence, either directly or indirectly, possessing relevant skills to serve as a resource provider to share the following:
    • Practical or technical skills;
    • Specific or technical skills;
    • An existing training programme;
  • Their current work and the knowledge they offer should focus on one or more of the follow areas: 
    • Crime observatories/measuring & monitoring (armed) violence;
    • Working with gangs/criminal groups;
    • Victims and survivor rights, rehabilitation and recovery;
    • Community security/safety (including community policing);
    • Criminal justice/rule of law;
    • Weapons control and reduction;
    • Weapons management and destruction;
    • Conflict prevention, resolution and peace building;
    • Gender and armed violence;
    • Disarmament, demobilisation & reintegration/rehabilitation of ex-combatants/criminal groups;
    • Security sector reform (including police reform);
    • Urban space interventions;
    • Youth programmes (education, vocational training etc.);
    • Economic empowerment & livelihood schemes especially in areas or groups at risk of violence;
    • Mediation & community-based conflict resolution;
    • Violence interruption and community outreach;
    • Education and awareness raising on AVR;
    • Promoting non-violence/culture of peace
  • Willingness to travel for an exchange and/or capacity to receive an applicant.
  • Interest in strengthening civil society collaboration and cross-country learning to advance the armed violence reduction agenda.
  • Experience conducting trainings will be viewed favourably.  
Criteria for Applicants
Applicants should demonstrate the following:
  • Existing GAAV Member or Associate.
  • Relevance and learning benefits of knowledge exchange to current AVRP work and context.
  • Wider learning benefits for colleagues, a community and/or networks and willingness to pass on knowledge gained.
  • Willingness to travel for an exchange or capacity to receive a resource provider.
Active GAAV working group members will also be given precedence.

Apply to become a Resource Provider!

GAAV Members, Associates and Partners are invited to apply to become resource providers for the GAAV Knowledge Exchange Initiative. Please follow the link below to apply!