Exploring community-based approaches to DDR


GAAV’s working group on Working with Armed Actors is currently exploring the subject area: community-based approaches to disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR). 

Practitioners and academics alike are increasingly arguing for community-based approaches to DDR to better tackle reintegration challenges and facilitate more effective peacebuilding and armed violence reduction. This approach shifts focus from state-centric and military security to community security. While support is growing, gaps in knowledge exist as to what are effective community-based approaches to DDR and how they have worked.

The GAAV working group is therefore researching and analysing this topic. Four local researchers from Indonesia, Mozambique, Colombia and El Salvador are developing case studies, which will soon be shared and reviewed among group members.

This unique group of practitioners have been both recipients and implementers of DDR programmes. Other members of the group include technical experts and leading researchers on the reintegration of armed actors. Read their profiles.

The four case studies and a programme briefing note on community-based approaches to DDR will soon be available.