In order to ensure that the GAAV is inclusive and facilitates collaboration between different actors, across sectors and operational levels, the Alliance has two main membership categories as well as a third, more informal, partnership with organisations and actors that are not eligible for membership but wish to collaborate on specific projects. These categories are described below.

Criteria: Members are organisations who are actively working on, and committed to, efforts against armed violence and insecurity. They are:
  • Registered as a legal entity or registered nationally
  • Non-profit making
  • Independent
  • Publicly accountable and transparent
  • Non-discriminatory
Criteria: Associates are other organisations and actors working on efforts to address armed violence and insecurity. A small $199 Annual Associates fee billable on your credit card will be charged annually to your visa or mastercard. To update your credit card billing information, click here.  They include for example:
  • Networks, coalitions and campaigns 
  • Foundations 
  • Associations (such as professional associations) and working groups 
  • Academic networks and bodies 
  • Official country representatives (national and local governments) 
  • Institutional networks  (regional bodies and governmental networks) 
  • International organisations (UN bodies, etc.) 
  • Private sector companies 
  • Media 
  • Individuals
GAAV, through the working groups, will also engage with other organisations and actors that are not able to formally join the Alliance. By adhering to the vision of the Alliance, these partners will be able to participate in the working groups and the activities organised by GAAV on an ad-hoc basis, share experiences and resources and promote their own work among GAAV members.